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Rockport Inn Hosts Summer Getaways in Maine

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Maine may not get as hot in the summer months as, for example, Georgia or Arizona, but the temperatures do warm up here in the middle of the year. In fact, Maine has one of the most comfortable of average temperatures throughout the state during the summer months. The highest temperatures, which usually take place in July, average about 70 degrees F throughout the entire state, with the southern interior portion of Maine possibly reaching temperatures of 90 degrees for about three or four weeks. Nights in summer are usually a tad cool; always bring a light jacket when you visit Maine in the summer.

Staying at our Rockport Inn will give you the chance to keep cool in our sparkling, outdoor swimming pool. Enjoy time in the Ocean with summer sports such as kayaking, boating and fishing.

You can’t visit Maine in the summer without spending some time along some of its 5,500 miles of coastline. You can relax on the beach and take a dip in the ocean or a bay. You can rent a sailboat and putter around Maine’s many rocky bays and inlets. You can take a shorter cruise on a multi-masted schooner. You can eat fresh lobster for lunch or dinner, either in a restaurant or at a lobster bake near sundown on the beach. Host your getaway at our Rockport Inn which is convenient to Camden and Rockland, Maine.

Visit one or more of the Pine Tree State’s many lighthouses. How many is many? How about more than 60? Among them is Quoddy Lighthouse, a lighthouse that’s further east than any other in the United States (this is the spot in the U.S. that is said to be the first to see the rising sun’s rays each morning).

Visit two of the most-popular lighthouses in the country: Cape Neddick Lighthouse (also known as Nubble Light) and Portland Head Lighthouse.

Many of Maine’s sightseers make it a point to see how many lighthouses they can visit during their stay in Maine. Those who are true lighthouse aficionados will want to make a stop at Rockland’s Maine Lighthouse Museum and Discovery Center. This is where you can get information about and see photos of all of the state’s lighthouses.

Once you’ve had your fill of the coast, make a point to visit at least one of Maine’s fabulous state parks. Aroostook State Park was the first state park for Maine. Vaughn Woods State Park (South Berwick, at the southern-most tip of Maine) is a lovely place to visit.

Those with a more esoteric bent will enjoy Maine’s many villages filled with craftspeople, artisans and fine artists. Gourmands will enjoy the aforementioned beach lobster feasts, as well as great seafood and other fine dining in some exceptionally refined dining establishments up and down the state.

If you love history, Maine also delights. There are many museums to visit. If possible, start your museum trek in Augusta in the Maine State Museum. This museum tells Maine’s story from as far back as the late Ice Age. The youngster in you – or in your vacationing group – will delight in Maine’s many forts (built in the 1700s and 1800s) that still dot the landscape.

Many people have “a trip to Maine” on their bucket list. Is it on yours? Book your trip today!