15 Must-See Things to Do in Rockport Maine

You want picturesque seaside town? Rockport, Maine has got picturesque.

You want a quiet and beautiful harbor with schooners and fishing boats alike? Rockport’s got a quiet and beautiful harbor with plenty of small schooners and fishing boats.

You want great seafood? Rockport’s many restaurants are almost as teeming with fresh seafood as the Atlantic Ocean.

You want to see artists, craftspeople and the opportunity to purchase from the artists themselves? Rockport is known nationwide for its artists’ community. You won’t be disappointed in the fine arts and crafts you’ll be able to purchase here.

You want the chance to hike? There are trails and paths all over the place!

In a nutshell, if you love the arts, if you love the outdoors, if you love fine seafood, if you love to look at boats gently bobbing in a gorgeous harbor, then Rockport’s for you!

Settled in 1769, Rockport’s primary industries throughout most of the late 1700s and 1800s were lime production, ice exportation and – of course! – shipbuilding.

Rockport became one of the country’s leading lime producers by 1882. It also became known far and wide for its “Lily Pond Ice,” of which 50,000 tons of clear ice was harvested each year and then sent to different countries around the globe. It was purported that the ice was so clear that a person could read a newspaper placed under a thick layer of it.

Rockport originally was a part of neighboring Camden (Rockport was known as “Goose River.”) It separated from Camden in 1891. A fire in 1907 destroyed almost all of the ice houses and lime kilns and, after a period of deep economic decline, Rockport rebuilt itself as the aforementioned artists’ haven.

As for things to do, here are just a handful of ideas.

Take a ride along the coast of Maine aboard the Schooner Yacht Heron. This 65-foot wooden schooner sails among the islands of Penobscot Bay for day sails. You can eat lunch on board, take in a tour of Indian Island and even enjoy a gourmet dinner at sunset.

Visit Rockport Marine Park, a small harbor park that’s home to the Andre the Seal statue and several historical landmarks. It’s also where you’ll find daytrip sailing cruise operators for cruises in Penobscot Bay.

Visit the Rockport Opera House (it’s actually owned by the town itself). It was built in 1891 and can seat up to 400 people. It offers dance, music, plays and other activities all year. It’s at the Opera House that the renowned Bay Chamber Concerts are held.

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