16 Don’t-Miss Mid-Coast Maine Festivals | Rockland, Rockport, Camden, & Beyond

Festivals embody the essence of any destination you visit, showcasing the celebrations, traditions, and communal spirit of the area. In Rockland, Rockport, Camden, and beyond, Mid-Coast Maine festivals celebrate the region’s deep connections to the sea and its cultural heritage.

February Events and Festivals

U.S. National Toboggan Championships

Held at the Camden Snow Bowl in Camden Maine, the U.S. National Toboggan Championships is a celebrated winter event attracting teams to race down a 400-foot-long, iced wooden chute onto Hosmer Pond. Featuring races for two to four-member teams, the event is known for its festive atmosphere, with participants often donning thematic costumes.

Beyond the competition, the weekend is filled with winter festivities, food, and fun, highlighting community spirit and the joy of winter sports. A highlight of the New England winter season, it offers unforgettable experiences for racers and spectators alike, embodying the charm and camaraderie of winter in Camden.

June Events and Festivals

Jazz in June

Jazz in June is a celebrated annual jazz festival in Camden Maine, offering a weekend of performances by renowned and emerging jazz musicians. Taking place in June, this event showcases a variety of jazz styles in Camden’s picturesque setting — from its charming harbor to its historic venues.

Beyond concerts, Jazz in June includes workshops, jam sessions, and a vibrant cultural atmosphere with local food, artisan markets, and art exhibitions.  Additionally, the festival fosters community engagement and celebrates arts and culture, attracting jazz enthusiasts and visitors for a memorable start to the summer season.

Crowd enjoying the show at the North Atlantic Blues Festival
Image courtesy of the North Atlantic Blues Festival

July Events and Festivals

North Atlantic Blues Festival

A premier summer event in Rockland Maine, the North Atlantic Blues Festival attracts blues musicians and fans from across the nation. Taking place over a weekend, this festival showcases a diverse lineup of national and international blues artists, offering a rich experience of live performances.

Hosted at the city’s public landing and overlooking the idyllic Rockland Harbor, the event creates an unforgettable atmosphere where the soulful sounds of blues blend with the maritime setting. Beyond the music, attendees enjoy food vendors, crafts, and a street parade, making it a vibrant celebration of blues culture and community spirit in the heart of MidCoast Maine.

Friendship Sloop Days

Celebrating the rich maritime heritage of Rockland and the Pine Tree State, Friendship Sloop Days specifically honors the iconic Friendship sloop. This traditional wooden boat was originally used for fishing and lobstering and symbolizes Maine’s nautical past.

The event features a regatta where these historic vessels, recognized for their beauty and seaworthiness, race and parade through Rockland Harbor, offering a spectacular view to spectators.

This gathering not only showcases these classic boats but also fosters a sense of community and connection to Maine’s maritime traditions. Friendship Sloop Days features shoreside activities too, making it a cherished event for sailing enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

FUN FACT: Friendship sloops take their name from the Maine town where they were originally crafted.

Harbor Arts and Books Fair

The Harbor Arts and Books Fair in Camden Maine is a cherished cultural event that celebrates the creativity and craftsmanship of artists and writers. Held biannually (July and September), in the heart of Camden’s scenic downtown overlooking the picturesque harbor, this fair gathers a diverse group of exhibitors at the Camden Public Library showcasing fine arts in every medium, photography, jewelry, crafts, and books.

The event offers visitors the opportunity to explore and purchase unique, handcrafted items and literature, directly supporting local and regional artists and authors. With its vibrant atmosphere, the fair invites art lovers and families to enjoy a weekend filled with artistic discovery, set against the backdrop of Camden’s stunning coastal landscape.

Maine Celtic Celebration

In Belfast Maine, the Maine Celtic Celebration is a vibrant festival that honors the rich Celtic heritage and culture of the region. Held annually along the enchanting waterfront, this event brings together a lively mix of music, dance, and traditional Celtic games, such as the famous “Cheese Roll.”

Attendees can enjoy a variety of performances ranging from bagpipers and fiddlers to Celtic bands, immersing themselves in the rhythms and melodies of Celtic traditions.

Also, the celebration features cultural workshops, a marketplace with Celtic crafts and foods, and activities for all ages, making it a family-friendly event that showcases the enduring legacy and spirit of Celtic communities in Maine. There are even some whiskey tastings for the adults.

Union Fair: Maine’s Wild Blueberry Festival

The Union Fair in Union Maine is an annual celebration deeply rooted in the agricultural traditions of the region. Spanning a week, this vibrant event showcases the essence of rural life through agricultural exhibits, livestock competitions, harness racing, and craft displays. This family-friendly affair blends education and fun with carnival rides, games, and live music.

A standout feature is the Maine Wild Blueberry Festival. It’s held within the fair and highlights the state’s signature berry with various contests and culinary delights. Visitors can enjoy blueberry cooking contests, educational exhibits about blueberry cultivation, and plenty of blueberry-themed foods.

The Union Fair is not just an event but a community gathering that celebrates Maine’s farming heritage, local talent, and the enduring spirit of Mainers.

Rockland Festivals & Events Maine - Maine Lobster Festival view from the bay
Credit: Tim Sullivan Photography – Maine Lobster Festival

August Events and Festivals

Maine Lobster Festival

When it comes to Rockland Maine events, the Maine Lobster Festival is tops! This event is a world-renowned celebration of local seafood, particularly the Maine lobster. Taking place over five days, it draws thousands of seafood enthusiasts to the captivating MidCoast Maine region.

Attendees can enjoy a variety of lobster dishes — from traditional boiled lobster to innovative culinary creations. The event features a packed schedule, including cooking contests, live entertainment, maritime displays, crafts fairs, and a parade. And, a highlight is the crowning of the Maine Sea Goddess.

FACT: The Maine Lobster Festival supports the local community through scholarships and charitable donations.

Maine Boat & Home Show

The Maine Boat & Home Show in Rockland Maine is a premier event showcasing the best of the state’s maritime and home-related products and services. Taking place along the scenic waterfront, this event features an impressive array of boats — from classic wooden sailboats to modern powerboats — alongside marine gear and technology exhibits.

In addition, the show offers a variety of home goods, artisan crafts, and local food, reflecting Maine’s rich craftsmanship and culinary traditions. With live music, workshops, and demonstrations, the show provides a comprehensive experience for boating enthusiasts, homeowners, and families (oh my!) looking for a day of exploration and discovery in a beautiful coastal setting.

Belfast Harbor Fest

A vibrant celebration of Belfast Maine’s maritime heritage, Belfast Harbor Fest is held annually next to the breathtaking waterfront. This festival kicks off with a National Boat Building Challenge, during which teams compete to build seaworthy vessels in a matter of hours. It’s followed by a spirited boat launch and race.

The weekend is filled with activities for all ages, including a classic boat show, maritime exhibits, and live music. And, food vendors offer local Maine delicacies, highlighting the region’s seafood. Embodying Belfast’s community spirit and deep connection to the sea, the event offers fun and education for locals and visitors alike.

September Events and Festivals

Camden Windjammer Festival

Often celebrated over Labor Day weekend (sometimes late August), the Camden Windjammer Festival is one of the biggest Camden Maine events that you can attend. It heralds the end of summer with a magnificent gathering of windjammers in the lovely Camden Harbor.

This event pays homage to the area’s rich maritime history by showcasing beautiful tall ships and traditional windjammers. Highlights include a parade of sail where these grand vessels majestically navigate the harbor, maritime heritage exhibits, sea shanties, and activities — like build-your-own mini boats, schooner tours, and pirate reenactments.

The festival offers an immersive experience into the world of sailing and maritime traditions, making it a must-visit for nautical enthusiasts and families seeking a unique end-of-summer celebration.

Camden International Film Festival

The Camden International Film Festival is a prestigious event in the documentary film industry. It showcases an impressive selection of documentary films from around the globe — from feature-length to short films — at venues across Rockland, Rockport, and Camden Maine,  offering insights into diverse cultures, ideas, and issues.

The CIFF is renowned for its intimate setting, which allows for meaningful interactions between filmmakers, industry professionals, and audiences through Q&A sessions, panel discussions, and workshops. As such, it’s a vital platform for emerging and established filmmakers to present their work to a passionate and engaged audience.

Common Ground Country Fair

In Unity Maine, the Common Ground Country Fair is an iconic event celebrating organic farming, sustainable living, and Maine’s rural heritage. Organized by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, this annual fair takes place over three days, attracting visitors with a unique blend of educational workshops, organic farming demonstrations, renewable energy, and homesteading techniques.

The fair is held on a 200-acre farm, showcasing a vast array of Maine-produced organic foods, crafts, and livestock. And, its grassroots atmosphere is enriched with live music, folk arts, and a diverse array of vendors, making it a cornerstone event for those interested in sustainability, agriculture, and community-building in New England.

Festival of Lights – Credit Rockland MainStreet

November Events and Festivals

Festival of Lights

A Rockland Main Street event, the Festival of Lights is a cherished annual celebration that marks the beginning of the holiday season in this coastal community. Held in late November and early December, the festival transforms the town into a winter wonderland with thousands of twinkling lights adorning streets, shops, and public spaces.

The highlight of the festival is the traditional parade, featuring festive floats and the eagerly anticipated arrival of Santa Claus via US Coast Guard vessel before he lights the town Christmas tree. Also, the event includes a variety of holiday activities — such as horse-drawn carriage rides, live music, and local shopping promotions — embodying the spirit of community and holiday cheer.

Boothbay Lights & Gardens Aglow

A captivating holiday celebration, Boothbay Lights in Boothbay Maine lights up the winter season from late November through December. The centerpiece of this festive event is the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens’ Gardens Aglow where an awe-inspiring display of over half a million LED lights blankets the expansive gardens in a vibrant tapestry of color.

This breathtaking spectacle is further enhanced by a series of community-driven events, including a shimmering boat parade that glides through the chilly waters and traditional craft markets offering unique holiday gifts. Local shops and restaurants warmly embrace the festive spirit as well, offering special promotions and creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Together, these elements weave a festive fabric that draws visitors from near and far, making Boothbay Lights a quintessential holiday destination in Maine, celebrated for its beauty, community, and holiday cheer.

December Events and Festivals

Christmas by the Sea

Ushering in the holiday season, Christmas by the Sea is a beloved Camden Maine event consisting of a weekend of festive activities. Typically held in early December, this charming seaside celebration brings the community and visitors together to enjoy the spirit of the holidays in a picturesque New England setting.

Christmas by the Sea features a parade, the lighting of the community Christmas tree, horse-drawn carriage rides, and visits with Santa Claus, creating a storybook holiday atmosphere. Local shops and restaurants open their doors with special promotions and warm hospitality too, inviting everyone to partake in the joy and merriment.

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